Creating Comics was a workshop I ran as part of the Burnley Literary Festival. I was invited as a result of my recently published comic, Freedom Scorned (available from comixology submit). The event took place in the basement of the Mechanics Theatre on the 31st October and, I think, went splendidly, thanks to enthusiastic and talented attendees.

Creating Comics the GingerJam way

I took the opportunity to pen a short script,  a fun story based in a spookier, more cursed version of the very venue we were in. Halloween was that very same day, so my tale involved some classic monsters from literature coming to life.

Participants spent the first half of the session designing characters from the script, before being assigned pages for an intense hour of drawing and inking. It was fascinating to see how each person approached a page or scene – and how they envisaged the characters I had written. Some of the participants had little or no comics experience, yet produced exciting, dynamic, artwork.

A Burnley Literary Festival exclusive!

Here it is, a fresh piece of sequential art, from the Burnley Literary Festival:

mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low2_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low3_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low4_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low5_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low6_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low7_1 mystery-at-the-mechanicsfinished_low8_1