Issue Three of Freedom Scorned is in the bag. That is, all the artwork is done and its off to Comixology for approval.

Here’s a quick video of page 23 in progress.

And a sneak peek at the cover artwork.


And here’s the blurb:

Dawn’s husband has done a runner. He’s lost his job, and more seriously, lost all corporeal form, after an ill-advised bargain with a fire demon. The police are after him, but where do you look for a felon who, until recently, was trapped inside a mirror?

Exhausted by her husband’s stupidity, Dawn now suspects that she’s being haunted by the very demon that took Eric from her.

What will she find when she returns to Angel Falls? Why is her magical new friend Uzma asleep in the cellar? What will Eric discover in a self made chalkboard nightmare?

Nearly there

There’s one more issue to go to complete this story. Find out more about Freedom Scorned at