Here’s a collection of online resources and tools that I’ve used recently when developing WordPress Templates. Don’t leave home without your WordPress toolbox, even if you’re working from home; in your jammies.

Bootstrap 3

Super flexible and useful CSS framework, mobile friendly and full of extra goodies.


You need this for a lot of the Bootstrap goodies, like the carousel. But it can do so much more. Like move all your content around, after it’s loaded and hide and show it with pretty animations. Like on one of my photography pages.


I love this. It can save a bag of time if, like me, you know what your wordpress query should look like and how it will work but are liable to bugger up the query by leaving out a semi-colon.

CSS3 Generator

This is really useful for the more obscure bits of CSS, like RGBA, fontface and outlines.

Of course most of the CSS I generate is via my favourite code editor…


Simple. I’d much rather hand code in Espresso than go anywhere near Dreamweaver. Sorry Adobe. I love inDesign, but Dreamweaver feels so bloaty in comparison to Espresso’s stripped down interface.


‘cos that’s where the design comes together after the beer mat and sketchbook phase. If you follow that link you’ll be many versions ahead of me though…

Stack overflow

It’s where all the knowledge that isn’t in your head is kept. Honestly, if I’m a googling a bit of code, be it wordpress, php or jquery, the best answer is usually on this site.

That’s my WordPress Toolbox…

No doubt I’ve forgotten something. I’d love to know what tools other people are using too. Drop me a comment.