Bootstrap 3

I like to give the site a bit of a facelift every year. It gives me a chance to review how stuff is going and to experiment with new techniques. Last year I used Twitter’s bootstrap to provide grids and structure, and I’ve bootstrapped everything since. This time around I’ve used Bootstrap 3, which I’d […]

Bootstrap Breakpoint Wallpaper

Merry Christmas everybody. Here’s a freebie for coders who use Twitter’s css bootstrap framework. The bootstrap breakpoint wallpaper shows the major bootstrap breakpoints for your Mac (or PC) with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. I use this as my wallpaper whilst developing so I can quickly resize my browser or code editor preview to […]


Burnley Council website is the main website for Burnley Council, where I work as part of the Graphics team. We’d always wanted to play a greater part in the design of the site and over the past 10 years or so had been frustrated in this ambition, until 2013 when a move away from a proprietary platform […]


pointme homepage

Looking for arts, sports and heritage in the Burnley area? pointme is Burnley Council’s website for all that. With listings for organisations and events, fun things to do and community activities. Completely bespoke, pointme is built with lashings of open source goodness, like php, mySQL and jQuery. We designed pointme from the ground up, including a […]

Creative Council

Creative Council is the portfolio website of Burnley Council’s graphics unit, designed and built in-house (mainly by myself and MJ Hindman). We do all sorts of graphic design, illustration, photography, web design, branding, signs, email marketing and, well, all sorts of stuff. Like a lot of the websites we’ve developed it is based on WordPress with […]

Shooting websites

Sometimes we do the oddest things, and today I have been shooting websites. We’re refreshing our online presence at work and as part of that we’re photographing our work rather than just having flat screen shots or pdfs. So even if the job is, by definition, flat we’ll try and photograph it to “bring it to life”. […]

Pendle Youth Choir website II

The original Pendle Youth Choir website was an early attempt at a wordpress theme, and I’ve wanted to tweak and change it ever since. Recent decisions about the choir’s logo and promotion of the children’s choir on par with the youth choir gave me the opportunity of a revamp. AC Telfer and I had recently […]


visitburnley is Burnley Council’s authoritative online tourism guide. I made a wordpress theme for the site that makes extensive use of feature images for navigation and custom post types and taxonimies to order its information.

Bootstrap CSS framework with WordPress

At last, we get to the meat of Twitter’s Bootstrap. The whole point is, after all, to have a nice clean CSS framework to work with. Back in the mists of internet time we had to design with tables and, though I’ve no desire to go back to that, it did provide a common way […]

Using Twitter’s Bootstrap Carousel with WordPress

Today I’m going to add Twitter’s Bootstrap carousel to my WordPress blog. Like a lot of the features in Bootstrap it’s not overloaded with functionality. It looks nice, works well and is easy to implement. For gingerjam I want the carousel to contain my latest 12 posts in groups of four. This is the central […]

Bootstrap and WordPress

I’m going to see how easily I can re-do the WordPress gingerjam theme with Twitter’s Bootstrap. Hopefully I’ll end up with clean, consistent code that, if it fails, can be blamed on those lovely twitter people. Step one I make a copy of the theme directory, rename it gingerbootstrap and strip out anything I don’t […]


Increasingly, as a web-designer/coder, I’ve been feeling the need for some sort of boilerplate, grid system or starting point. There are plenty of them about and I’ve been dithering for a while, but now, perhaps, I’ve found just the thing with Twitter’s Bootstrap. I have used the 1k grid, which is excellent. As the name […]