Merry Christmas everybody.

Here’s a freebie for coders who use Twitter’s css bootstrap framework. The bootstrap breakpoint wallpaper shows the major bootstrap breakpoints for your Mac (or PC) with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. I use this as my wallpaper whilst developing so I can quickly resize my browser or code editor preview to the right width. I certainly find it useful and I’d love to know if anyone else does. If you are on a mac, set your menu bar to translucent and you’ll find the pixel numbers ghosted at the top of your screen, which I think is enough of a reminder.

My old mac is showing it’s age and obviously has a lower resolution than a lot of modern machines – if there’s demand I’m open to doing some larger version.


If you’re designing a responsive site (good lord, why wouldn’t you?) with bootstrap, just place your browser or code editing preview window in the top left of your screen and drag to the breakpoints on the wallpaper.


The bootstrap breakpoint wallpaper is available with and without late night coder’s coffee stain.

Coffee stain from

The font used is Piekos Professional from blambot.