Tour of Britain

The cycling tour of Britain came through Pendle last week, and I yomped up a hill to try and capture some of the action as they finished the crawl up Stoney Bank in Earby. I’m no sports fan. I’ve found that I can’t watch sport, and even though I love cycling I find it a […]

Leah Sophia at Drink and Draw

An amazing night at Drink and Draw in Blackburn this week with fire breathing and flaming hoop performer Leah Sophia. Had a lot of fun drawing (I’ll post those later). Between sketches I photographed like a loon.

Landscape Portraits

Most landscape photography is landscape. That makes sense doesn’t it? But sometimes a landscape looks better cropped tall. Or a landscape might really be a portrait of somebody or something. Either way, here’s a collection of photos that are either portraits in a landscape or landscapes that are portrait…

Hula Fun

Had a fabulous fun time life drawing the Hooping Harlots at Drink and Draw this month. More about the drawing in a separate post. For now -here’s some light-tastic photos!

Psychedelic Warlords

On Saturday I took a trip into the musical past, as the Psychedelic Warlords performed at the Railway Venue in Bolton. Recreating two classic albums, Hawkwind’s Hall of the Mountain Grill and Robert Calvert’s Captain Lockheed and the Star Fighters, the band were amazing, bringing to life some classic tracks that I’ve never heard live […]


Amber waits

A menagerie of (photographically) captured, but otherwise free, animals. 

Weets and Waterfalls

Walking up Weets Hill My local hill, a good steep climb with rewarding views of Pendle Hill at the top. Waterfalls in Earby I used to live in Earby and this waterfall is squirrelled away behind the youth hostel.

Burnley Visitor Guide 2013

The Burnley Visitor Guide 2013 is one of the biggest print projects we work on at creative-council*. A style magazine as well as a tourism and what’s on guide, it has input from from many people and allowed me the opportunity to do some stuff that I wouldn’t normally do – like writing and getting […]

Shooting websites

Sometimes we do the oddest things, and today I have been shooting websites. We’re refreshing our online presence at work and as part of that we’re photographing our work rather than just having flat screen shots or pdfs. So even if the job is, by definition, flat we’ll try and photograph it to “bring it to life”. […]

Vicky and the Big Combo

Local band, Vicky and the Big Combo, have been generous enough to let me try out my photography skills over the past two weekends. As band photographer I’ve been back stage at a very posh do in Rimmington – a brand new mansion in fact – with a kitchen bigger than our house. There were […]

Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins cycling in Pendle

Bradley Wiggins visited Barnoldswick, back in mid-August. Although I’m not a huge sports fan, I took the opportunity to photograph the man himself, as well as hundreds of other cyclists that had joined him for a tour round the Pendle countryside. He was launching his Bradley Wiggins Foundation with the Ride with Brad event in his […]