The Burnley Visitor Guide 2013 is one of the biggest print projects we work on at creative-council*. A style magazine as well as a tourism and what’s on guide, it has input from from many people and allowed me the opportunity to do some stuff that I wouldn’t normally do – like writing and getting out from behind my desk. For this year’s guide I have written, and ghost written, a couple of articles as well as photographing a wind surfing lesson at Rossendale Valley Sailing Club.

I wrote Richard’s wind surfing article from his point of view, to give a first person account of the activity. Of course it should have been me taking the multiple dunkings, but he’s far more handsome/fool-hardy than I. We both hunted for a geo-cache for my/his next article, which was pretty good fun – find out more at

Outdoor elements was a collaborative affair, with myself and Claire Smyth videoing and Gary Smales taking photos, while an ensemble of young people took up the exciting challenges on offer. I spent rather a long time up a tree with a video camera and also used my iphone to film the point-of-view down the zip line.

As for the rest of the magazine? It’s excellent, a real credit to everyone involved – especially MJ, who put so much effort into the design and art direction. Download the Burnley Visitor Guide 2013, or find out more about Burnley’s visitor attractions at

* Burnley Council’s graphics unit, creative council is our online identity, which sounds a bit more snappy doesn’t it?