I started work on a series of illustrated posters last summer that, for one good reason or another, have yet to see the light of day. I’ve been anxious to post them here for ages, but have been waiting for them to be finished first.

this job isn't complete yet - ssssh!

this job isn’t complete yet – ssssh!

The posters will highlight security precautions we should take at the council, especially with regard to IT systems. Like not leaving laptops on trains. The finished designs are reminiscent of government information posters from the second world war, with one in particular paying homage to Abram Games‘ classic Careless Talk Costs Lives. I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Mr Games while at college in Swansea. Like most things I did as a student, my memory is pretty hazy. Which is a shocking waste, go take a look at his work, he was a genius. I was an idiot.

Can’t wait any more… Here’s a sneaky peeky.

And if you’re at all interested in anything else I get up to at work, take a look at creative-council.net, our newly revamped portfolio site.