bath time

I’ve taken one of my life drawings from Blackburn Drink and Draw and turned into a fetching shower curtain design. As Society Six is a multiple product platform, this is also available as a clock, so you always know when bath time is. Also available as a duvet cover, tote bag and pillows. If you’re wondering why […]

Apathy Rules

I’ve a whole range of goodies at Society Six with my new life affirming slogan, Only Apathy Can Stop Me Now. It’s the kind of feel good, pithy, encouragement we all need to stay in bed of a morning. We all have little sayings that help us through the day. This one is less helpful […]

Cooking with Witches

Cooking with Witches would be an excellent idea for a Nigella/Vampirella cross-over book or tv series. For now, it’s just available as a print at Society 6. What’s for tea tonight? You don’t want to know what’s on the plate this Halloween. Don’t peak at the title of tonight’s frightful cook book. And don’t dare […]

Igor Loves to Dance

Igor loves to dance is another experiment with Manga Studio. It’s such a great tool for inking. This is a pre-halloween treat too, with a tee-shirts and other goodies available on my society 6 page. Here’s a couple more daubs as I get to grips with Manga Studio. I’m at a stage with it where […]

Power of Three

You may remember these characters from a previous post, the Power of Three  have been ripped and upgraded from the Showstoppers artwork and are available now as t-shirts and prints and many other things on my Society 6 page. Choose from Flapper, Phantom or Zombie to brighten your wardrobe, wall, laptop or iPod. I had a lot of fun designing these […]


What a lovely word of the week effervescent is. It just bubbles and laughs like a giddy young lady floating through life with glass of champagne and bright ginger hair. I feel like this is very close to what I had in mind when thinking about effervescent. Big shout out to Josh at Rhode Island […]


A zoo is a fascinating place, and it’s a lovely looking word. So here it is, a lovely word looking a bit like the thing it describes. A sort of visual onomatopoei – I bet there’s already a word for that.

Zombie Hares

Zombie Hares rock! It’s an undead leporid – coming right at ya. Or just shambling off to one side like zombies do. Did this a while back as part of a the Mad March Hare meme down at the Artists’ Hangout.

Free the puppets!

Puppets in distress and another sketch based on the word SNIP! For more puppet misery, check this out…

Cut the String

An illustration based in the word ‘SNIP’. Available now as an art print at Society6 I have been following the Creative Juices blog for some years and always thought it would be useful to use their What the Doodle? random word of the week as a starting point for my own sketches. Well, the FableVisionaries have opened […]


Artwork produced for the artists’ hangout February 29th Leap themed get together at Cafe Cargo in Foulridge. If you like this design you can literally buy the tee-shirt (or print or laptop case) at – or get yourself a hoodie – I’d love to see someone walking down the street wearing one of my hedgehog […]

Trees 3

In two variants. Early morning and…spooky night.