More drinking and drawing in Blackburn, with more fire!



There’s to be an exhibition of Drink and Draw work at the Bureau in Blackburn, and I’m hoping to put a few finished pieces up, as well as some sketches.


Classic poses at Studio 22b

Meanwhile at Studio 22b, life drawing has taken on the theme of classic paintings. At the last session two works by Manet were on offer with the classic poses from Dejuener sur l’Herb and Olympia on offer.


Interesting to note that Manet painted his Olympia from the side – wussing out on all the foreshortening I had to attempt here.


Next up at Studio 22b – Gauguin night

Life drawing with the brakes off

I decided to do away with pencils and other erasable media. For quick studies I’m going for pen and wash, for the longer poses a quick underline in blue follow by pen and wash. Hurrah for indelible mistakes!