I’m branching out, with the launch of Ginger Jam Comics. This may sound rather grand, especially as right now I have a total of one self published book (actually, hurrah!  I have a book). Issue One of Freedom Scorned is available now from comixology Submit. I also have a mini-site right here on gingerjam.co.uk.

Freedom Scorned is a the tale of Eric, a man who makes a terrible mistake and falls for the charms of the fire demon that lives in his mirror. More importantly, its the tale of Dawn, his wife, who is not at all happy the situation.


Comics has always been my ambition. I even had  a 200 page book, Phoenix Square, published by slave labor graphics, back in the day. It’s taken me a while to get back into it.

If you are interested, please try issue 1. You can also sign up for email news and keep up-t0-date with my progress.

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Ginger Jam Comics – into the future

Comixology require you to have a publisher’s logo and name, hence Ginger Jam Comics. For the immediate future I only have Freedom Scorned planned, of which currently I’m inking issue 2, polishing the words on issue 3 and have 4 all planned. Beyond that? Eric and Dawn live in a strange little town, full of magic and possibility…

So, let’s pop the virtual champagne, as my book is virtually available!