Pumpkin Soup is an illustration based on one of my Spooky sketch-a-thon sketches from last October. It is really just a test piece for  Manga Studio, which I recently bought for my Mac. It’s an excellent programme for drawing (I use a Wacom tablet) and of all the illustration software I’ve tried this brings me closer to my old inking style. Designed primarily for producing manga and comics, Manga Studio has gorgeous, responsive, pens and brushes and, a collection of half tones just like the dear old zip-a-tone or letratone of days gone by.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Here’s a couple more sketches, this time with half tones and dots!

You need to look closer to see the half tone properly…

Expect more black and white goodness as I get to grips with Manga Studio. I might, just might, be tempted to do a comic.

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