The second batch of my Spooky Sketch-a-thon includes the When Chickens Rule The Earth trilogy. If you want to keep up-to-date with the¬†Spooky Sketch-a-thon you’ll need to go and like my artist facebook page which I’m updating daily. The Chickens Rule idea came to me as a dream and I’m not entirely sure if it wasn’t a ¬†memory, so if anyone can remember seeing something spookily like it before, do let me know.

I like the idea that animals might wish to control people, but would ultimately just pilot us to do the same kind of things we always did. Or alternatively, due to a complete lack of fowl imagination, the chickens might make us walk and talk like they do.

The Return of…

This selection also features the return of the Canibal Pumpkin Man, no longer satisfied with eating his own kind, after being blown up to giant proportions by some kind of Gigantism Ray.