My life drawing’s taken a step forward as I’ve been sketching a nude at Studio 22b. The artists’ studio in Sough, near Earby, has started life drawing sessions, and I was there, pencil in one hand, sketchbook in the other.

A regular attendee at Blackburn’s Drink and Draw, I’ve also been yearning for some more traditional life drawing. If the purpose of life drawing is to draw figures, to understand how they are put together and work, then you really need a nude – all those clothes just get in the way.


We had a great model, who was able to maintain a pose for a good length of time (not like poor old Ken from my college days, who was very professional but a bit wobbly on the action poses). She sat in this pose for nearly an hour, allowing us to make a prolonged piece of work or move around for multiple sketches.

My next personal goal is to add some colour on the night, rather than days later in Manga studio.

If you fancy drawing a nude at Studio 22b…

If you’re in the Barnoldswick/Earby area and fancy some life drawing, keep an eye on the studio 22b website or follow this woman on facebook for news of the next session.