We all deserve freedom – we strive for it, fight for it and, in some cases, do terrible things to achieve it. And then what?

This is the first six pages of that thing that I say I’m really into but rarely do any of… It’s a short story, or a graphic novel or something. I’m not sure yet.

This is just the beginning of Freedom Scorned

It was vital that I do this first batch just to prove to myself that it could be done. It’s a little rough round some of the edges and there’s a panel or two I’d like to finish or redraw, but for now it’s time to flesh out the rest of the plot and find out what happens next. I know the theme and some of the events that I want to take place, so this is a very exciting point in the creative process. Back to writing, strong coffee in one hand – word processor in the other.

Page 1

Page 2




Kindly comments and typo spotting are welcome.

Palette and inspiration

I’m using a limited palette – and I think it really helps establish the mood. It will also play an important part in separating the mundane from the fantastical, which you can see a hint of on page six. Credit where it’s due, here are two fantastic books that use black and shades of blue: Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol and the Sculptor by Scott Mcloud. Good lord! They are also both about normal people with a bit of supernatural thrown in! I haven’t even started the Sculptor yet, but I can see its about a dark haired guy in a black tee shirt.

So that’s my next move, finish award winning writer Scott McCloud’s “masterclass in graphic storytelling,” and then make sure my clumsy short story is nothing like it. Time to put the kettle on methinks,