A series of posters about online security matters in the work place. These posters are designed to drive workers to the intranet for more information on how to improve their own conduct in regard to security. Online security, especially in the public sector, has become a hot topic and one that the council is inspected and judged on.

The campaign highlighted awareness of online security with regard to passwords, amongst other things. Each poster has a secret letter and all the letters rearrange into a password that can be used on the council’s intranet to access more information.

I posted some teasers for these a while back, but then forgot to follow that up with the finished work! It’s been a job that’s taken a very long time between start and finish.

The posters were based on public information and propaganda posters. Some directly reference existing works, for instance the work of Abram Games, or take inspiration from the second world war and post war era graphic artists.

Last seen as a complete set in the gents at work… Not really what I’d envisaged, but there we go…