Complete Freedom Scorned

The complete freedom scorned

Now available, the Complete Freedom Scorned! This project seems to have spanned the history of this little blog, starting as a one-off sketch back in 2012, and is now a complete narrative, available to buy from comixology. Cover Gallery About Freedom Scorned You can read more about the book on it’s own little mini-site, but, in […]

Life Drawing 2017

Sadly in 2017 I’ve not done as much life drawing (2018 – do more life drawing). Here are some highlights from Blackburn’s Drink and Draw earlier in the year. An Easter special and ‘Gothic Lolita’ – hopefully self evident as to which is which. And I did an evening of life drawing in Barcelona, with […]

inktober 2017

Inktober’s a great exercise and, though I clearly failed on the drawing per day, I did do drawing – yay! All drawings completed on iPad pro with Apple Pencil. No real inks or pens suffered in the process of making these drawings.

Red Riding Hood

A quick comic, no script, no plot, no plan. Just for fun.

Prehistoric daubs at 22b

I had a primal, neandarthal life drawing session at Studio 22b this week. The theme for the session was prehistoric cave drawing. In keeping with the concept I left the ipad pro in my bag and went to it armed with nothing but earthy coloured charcoal. Lots of excellent, dynamic poses from the model and appropriate […]

Dancers at Drink and Draw

Fantastic nights drawing at drink and draw with enthusiastic, if occasionally fidgety, young models showing off a range of dancing skills. ipad Pro now seems like the only drawing implement I’d ever want. It’s top draw… I’m using Procreate, keeping to one tool, the 6b pencil, which is ever so flexible especially when the pencil […]

de Lempicka at Studio 22b

I took the iPad Pro along to life drawing – a session inspired by the work Tamara de Lempicka,  at Studio 22b. iPad Pro is a great drawing tool, alongside the Apple pencil and Procreate app. Taking it to a life drawing session was a really good test – it allowed me all the flexibility […]

Fire Girl v Manet

More drinking and drawing in Blackburn, with more fire!     There’s to be an exhibition of Drink and Draw work at the Bureau in Blackburn, and I’m hoping to put a few finished pieces up, as well as some sketches.   Classic poses at Studio 22b Meanwhile at Studio 22b, life drawing has taken […]


Pole dancing at Drink and Draw in Blackburn. Not for exercise or voyeurism, but as a subject for some frenzied life drawings. I took photos for the main performance pieces and it would have been very unfair to ask the ladies to hold a pose on the poles for longer than 30 seconds, but there […]

Life Drawing in East Lancashire

I love drawing people, it’s the best mental exercise there is – and there’s plenty of life drawing in East Lancashire to choose from. Currently I’m going to two very different life drawing sessions. For the more formal (not formal like evening wear, I mean formal like nude) life drawing I’m attending studio 22b near Barnoldswick, […]


Here’s a drink and draw that I’ve saved for a rainy day before giving it a good colouring in, and I’m glad I did, because I love vikings. At least once per session we’re encouraged to do something silly or let our imaginations run wild. It was a medieval theme, so I’ve added a sword, and […]

Nude at Studio 22b

My life drawing’s taken a step forward as I’ve been sketching a nude at Studio 22b. The artists’ studio in Sough, near Earby, has started life drawing sessions, and I was there, pencil in one hand, sketchbook in the other. A regular attendee at Blackburn’s Drink and Draw, I’ve also been yearning for some more traditional life drawing. If the […]